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The Weird List by Stevie Nixx

Here it is folks, the second post in our weirdest albums series - where each month I ask someone (they usually work in a record store) to compile a list of the strangest albums they have ever come across. This months list is brought to you by Stevie Nixx:

Everyone has strange albums which for one reason or another have fond feelings for or are just too stupid to forget. So, here are a few that I can remember.

Billy Idol - Cyberpunk

Originally Released: 1995
Label: Chyrisalis

This album is the audio equivalent of being on cheap drugs while reading William Gibson in a smalltown S&M bar. All of the songs are forgettable except, the beyond horrible cover of Heroin by the Velvet underground. What makes this memorable, is the in between song banter which are bad snipits of riots, explosions, Billy pleading for someone to hold him including his father then in utter desperation God. Before the Herion cover is a sample of someone saying "inject" and what sounds like some kind of machine injects Billy, where after he groans, and so do you for having to hear this album.

AC - 40 More Reasons to Hate Us

Originally Released: 1996
Label: Earache

A friend of mine found this for two dollars at a Cash Converters. The full name of the band is Anal Cunt. How could one refuse? The real highlight on this is the cover of the Three's Company theme. For some reason the Grindcore scene has a real love for Alan Thicke, who co-worte the song. Napalm Death also features a drawing of Alan Thicke on one of there early album covers. I guess, they were all watching a lot of television while living in Mom's basement. Well, basically they growl, scream, and vomit vocals over songs which barely clock over a minute, with titles such as Big Pants, Bigger Loser. and one maned simply "Tom Arnold".

Deep, profound and moving.

Snagga Puss - Reggae Funky

Originally Released: 1995
Label: VP

Awww, yeah. Ever wanted to hear that pink cartoon character Snaggle Puss lisp his way though some really awful casio driven riddims? Well, you can't, but the next best thing is Snagga Puss. Snagga urges you to be "healty" and not wear extensions, as sung in "No False Hair" every song sounds the same, and he keeps talking about health. I think perhaps,, this was a vanity project for Snagga, who is likly a Personal Fitness instructor for Shabba Ranks and a nutritionist for Red Rat.

Black Oak Arkansas- X-Rated

Originally Released: 1975
Label: MCA

Getting away from the 90's for a second, we have Black Oak Arkansas. I found this cassette on a picnic table outside an Allman Brothers concert, no shit. Not ever having heard this I had to wait until after the concert to hear this album. Real Dirty South. Titles like "Fightin' Cock" and "Too rough to be Gentle" The back cover of the album shows the slut on the cover lying in hay while the singer,, who sounds like a cross of Capt. Beefheart and Axl Rose doing up his pants as his band mates wait for their turn. Dirty.

Allman and Woman - Two the hard Way

Originally Released: 1986,
Label: Warner Bros.

Brother Gregg Allman and Cher, his new and soon to ex-wife sing some classic blues. I wonder what Cher's currennt audience thinks of Brother Gregg? probably secrectly lust after him or want to be him, back in the early seventies, of course.

Nasty Joe - Hit 'Em with your Thing

Originally Released: 1990
Label: Les Disques Star Records

Hit 'em with what? this looked so Quebec. I had to buy it, a dude in a leather vest, white t-shirt tucked into skintight baby blue jeans with no belt. Awesome. the music sounds like he's doing kareoke over old Paula Abdul songs. So closeted it's great.

Biscuit - Biscuit's Back

Originally Released: ??
Label: AVC

The music is not a big deal here, it sound like some demo's Sir-Mix-a-Lot left in his rubbish. Biscuit's claim to fame is he was the New Kids on the Block's bodyguard. I don't even know if this is true or not. This fascinating tidbit of info was provided by a stoned teenager wearing excessive blue eyeshadow.

The Great Kat - William Tell Overture

Originally Released: 2000
Label: TPR

Clocking in at a total time of just over six minutes, this thrash queen rips through tasteful classics such as "Sodomize' and " Castration" she loves men, loves them, that and shredding... on the guitar of course. (check this for more on her:

Bobby Mcferrin - Simple Pleasures

Originally Released: 1988
Label: EMI

Everyone knows "Don't Worry Be Happy" from this. But have you heard Bobby throat Drive My Car or Sunshine of your Love? Well, I had a friend who worked in a record shop in a shopping mall who I convinced should play this album at full volume. Very quicky, the security came and warned us to turn it down. "No excuse for that shit bein' played that loud." Amazing.

Artist Unknown - Iron Maiden Covers

Originally Released: ??
Label: none

This is one of the best things I have ever found. Someone had a box of tapes sitting at the curb. This one had a bunch of guys playing Iron Maiden songs badly, arguing with each other and boating that "anyone who doesn't think this is hard, well, fuck you" Brilliant, gritty, real.

The Weird List #1 by Bartley

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