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Toronto Zombie Walk 2007


Toronto Zombie Walk 2007 057
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The zombie walk was huge this year - with over 1000 zombies. A lot of the zombies turned out for the The Toronto After Dark film premiere of AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION. That was a lot of fun because they would cheer every time someone was eaten. Funny stuff.

Check back here in the next day or two for reviews of that and many other After Dark films, as well as a review of Control a film by Anton Corjbin. I think I just might be getting movied out - who knew viewing movies would be so tiring.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

The Toronto After Dark Festival starts today with its opening film Mulberry Street as well as the opening party at the Gladstone Hotel at 9:30pm. Other highlights of the festival which runs from today till the Thursday 25th are:


Saturday, Oct. 20
11:30pm - Bloor Cinema

What happens when gas costs $32/gallon? Someone figures out it would be cheaper to use blood and you can just imagine the hijinx that ensue.


Monday, Oct. 22
9:45pm - Bloor Cinema

Good old-fashioned horror by director David Arquette, and starring Paul Reubens (that's enough reason to see it right there - those two are nuts). A hippie music festival in the middle of nowhere gets interrupted by a mysterious hatchet-wielding mass murderer. Somehow I feel like I've seen this one before so here's hoping Arquette, Reubens and company don't let us down.


Tuesday, Oct. 23
10:15pm - Bloor Cinema

Judging by the trailer this Thai horror film looks really really creepy. Remember the twins in The Shining, well imagine they were conjoined and one of the twins was dead. This film looks stylish and disturbing and I can't wait to see it.


Wednesday, Oct. 24
7:00pm - Bloor Cinema

Another classic horror film premise: a group of students go camping and encounter some back-woods creepiness. We have already established that twins can be scary as hell - well how about Crispin Glover playing psycho killer twins. A must see, trust Crispin Glover to bring the creepiness.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival schedule

Contests: Control, Short Story

A couple of interesting contests to tell you about from Eye Weekly:

EYE WEEKLY short story contest (1000 words or less)
Enter by November 30, 2007 for your chance to win. The winning author will receive $500, publication in EYE WEEKLY, a prize package and will appear at a This Is Not A Readings Series event. Send an email with your name, story title and full contact information to Visit for more info.

Passes to see CONTROL, a film by Anton Corbijn
Enter by October 22, 2007 for your chance to win. Click here to enter.

John Bergin's From Inside

Huge fan of John Bergin's work. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out from that a short version of his film, From Inside, will be shown at Toronto After Dark. It is being screened under the Cutting Edge Shorts program - I just checked their website and no word yet on when it will be shown.

John Bergin is a graphic novelist and musician (click here to check out his work.) He is currently in the process of turning his graphic novel into a movie. If you are at all interested in animation or motion design check out where you can find out what techniques he is using to turn his 2D drawings into a full length movie. I really don't know too many people that have the talent to create graphic novels and single handedly create their own films using computer animation. Highlights of his blog include being influenced by Lars Von Trier's movie Element of Crime and early shorts he created.

Radiohead Asks: What Would You Pay For An Album?

Radiohead wants fans to decide how much they pay for a digital download of their new album In Rainbows. The album, which will be released on October 10, will have no copy protection which means fans can transfer the files onto as many devices as they wish. Judging by the hits they've been getting on their website this could become a viable alternative. Check out to preorder.

Wanna Dance? Check out Versus

Awesome dance night featuring these DJs Friday, October 5, at Revival (783 College Street ):
  • Blueprint (Garage 416)
  • Moreno (Garage 416 / Hot Stepper)
  • Felix & Gani (milk.)
  • Jason Palma (Footprints)
  • General Eclectic (Footprints)
  • Stuart (Footprints)
  • Paul E Lopes (Bump N' Hustle)
  • Mike Tull (Bump N' Hustle)

Upcoming Concerts for October:
  • Oct 2 Pere Ubu @ Lee's Palace
  • Oct 6 Patrick Wolf @ Lee's Palace
  • Oct 8 The National @ Phoenix
  • Oct 11 weewerk Showcase @ Sneaky Dee's
  • Oct 17 Sandro Perri @ Tranzac
  • Oct 20 M.I.A. @ Kool Haus
  • Oct 20 Do Make Say Think @ Phoenix
  • Oct 21 The New Pornographers @ Phoenix