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Tidbits: Swimmers, Bears, and Sex Pistols

(click on the image to view vid of bears)

Great Lake Swimmers
Great Lake Swimmers are on tour and will be playing Toronto on Sept 29. They are offering a free download of an their EP, Great Lake Swimmers: Live From the Church of the Redeemer - you gotta love that. Click here to download EP.

Grizzly Bears
The Grizzly Bears - a band I am very much into right now - play an early show at the Mod Club tomorrow. Should be good. I like this discription by Matt Murphy of Pitchfork: "The gentlemen of Grizzly Bear paw around in wholly distinct regions of gentle, nocturnal psych-folk, conjuring visions of an imagined bedroom collaboration between the Doug Yule-era Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, and a pajama-clad Pooh with his head jammed in a honey jar."

Sex Pistols Reunite?
Yes it's true. A one time deal to mark the 30th anniversary of their only album, "Never Mind the Bollocks" at London's Brixton Academy on Nov 8. Read the full story here.

Who's playing at Nuit Blanche?
This is from stillepost: 7pm to Sunrise - Beginning with a dj set by John Caffery and projections by Roxanne Luchak at 7pm and followed by a full show by KIDS ON TV. The night also features HOLY FUCK, WYRD VISIONS, POLMO POLPO, & NADJA. @ 1116 King St W. Solid Waste Management Warehouse. Read it on stillepost.

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