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Grizzly Bears at The Mod Club

Went to see Grizzly Bear play last night at the Mod Club. The band was OK, but unfortunately it was an early show and they had to clear out of there so no encore. Thanks a lot Mod Club. The show was short but the crowd loved every minute of it. Personally felt like it would have been nice to see them let loose a little more, but perhaps they felt rushed.

They have such a lush, orchestrated sound now that is quite different than the soft intimate tone on Horn of Plenty. Very much looking forward to hearing more from this band. They seem like they would feel equally at home in being lost in the woods or at a cheesy burlesque lounge with aging dancers.

Sorry for the blurry cell phone photo. Someone at the Mod Club takes their lighting seriously, and it would have been a good chance for some great photos but my camera is busted so that all I could muster.

Grizzly Bears play the awesome LOLA Festival next and you can check out for more info on upcoming shows.

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