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Toronto's Newest Cinema

Just wanted to let you all know about the Brunswick Theatre which is located at 296 Brunswick Avenue (2nd Floor). They are screening some hot topic documentaries and a lot of the films even include guest speakers. Here are some of the titles they have for September:

THE GOD DELUSION, Jesus Camp, Black Gold: A Look at Fair Trade Coffee, Scientology vs. BBC, End of Suburbia, Shake Hands with the Devil, Escape from Suburbia, OCCUPATION 101, 9/11 Mysteries, Uganda Rising, Mad Cowboy, Manufacturing Dissent, Trading Women.

Being socially minded, some of the films are free but as it says on their website:

Admission to our programming is by donation, of which we suggest $10 towards our overhead costs. Nobody will be refused for lack of funds. We want people to see these films, reflect on them, and take action within their own lives. All points of view are welcomed and encouraged. After each film we host a facilitated discussion where our patrons can carry out a dialogue on the subject of the film, and respond to the thoughts and ideas of others.

Their goal is to provide free films through membership support. If you're interested in supporting them memberships cost $25 for a single month, or $20 per month for long-term support (6 months or more). Memberships give you a free pass to screenings and reserved seating for events that are likely to sell out.

Check for schedules and more info.

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