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Book Launch for What Happened Later by Ray Robertson

Went to the book launch for Ray Robertson's new book What Happened Later. It was a part of This Is Not A Reading Series and it was a double book launch with Ray Robertson and David Creighton, commemorating the 50th anniversary of On the Road. Ray's new book is about the impact of On The Road, on himself and Kerouac. This is from

Taking its title from Kerouac himself—"What Happened Later" was the title of his proposed sequel to On The Road—this novel tells the story of what happened after the fame generated by Kerouac's famous book and what happened next in the life of a young man infatuated with the legendary author. Interweaving the story of one author's slow decline with one boy's literary coming of age, "What Happened Later" explores the ever-shifting dualities of myth and reality, loss and hope, innocence and experience, endings and beginnings.

I haven't read it yet but look forward to it. It has been getting a lot of good reviews and Ray's other book Moody Food has received the Gold Award for Best Regional Fiction in Canada.

While at the launch I noticed some flyers with interesting authors coming soon in This Is Not A Reading Series - such as William Gibson on Sept 21 - but am unable to find any info online. Will keep you posted.

This Is Not A Reading Series
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