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Film Festivals Galore

Toronto International Film Festival Kicks Off

Lots of Film Fest news for you. TIFF is in full swing and the city has come alive with parties, celebrity sightings and films. As Colin Geddes says in his blog about the premiere of Dario Argento's Mother of Tears:

The night kicked off with a launch party for the film where basically everyone you'd ever want to meet showed up. Naturally, Dario and Asia Argento stole the night away, but that only scratches the surface. Also on hand to revel in the rapturous gore that was Mother of Tears were Land of the Dead director George A. Romero and a surprise appearance by Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

Damn, wish I was there. But I won't be missing Romero on Saturday so check back here for reviews of that and other films. Head over to for schedules and info.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Now, if you like horror films, then you won't want to miss the Toronto After Dark Film Festival , which descends upon us Oct19-25. Zombie fans take note: if you show up at zombie movie premieres dressed as a zombie you get a $2 discount. Here's the latest news from the fest:

Toronto After Dark Film Festival is delighted to announce half its lineup of electrifying new horror and fantasy feature films which premiere this October 19-25 at the Bloor Cinema, in Toronto, Canada. The first 7 of 14 Toronto and Canadian feature premieres unveiled are: David Arquette’s star-studded horror film debut as writer-director (THE TRIPPER), the highly anticipated new zombie musical from Troma Films’ Lloyd Kaufman (POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD), the most expensive Russian fantasy film ever made (THE WOLFHOUND), a groundbreaking new sci-fi animation from Korea (AACHI & SSIPAK), two critically acclaimed new zombie outbreak films (MULBERRY STREET and AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION) and a hilarious and award-winning documentary about one priest’s disastrous attempt to shoot a Christian version of Star Wars (AUDIENCE OF ONE). Fans can now watch all the trailers to the announced films, and pre-order their Festival Passes at a special early bird rate at the official Toronto After Dark Film Festival website here:

There's lots to check out over at the website, including trailers. The movies look top-notch and there are three zombie film premieres at the fest. Can't wait. Like I said before, Toronto is becoming the unofficial zombie mecca.

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