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Toronto After Dark Film Festival

The Toronto After Dark Festival starts today with its opening film Mulberry Street as well as the opening party at the Gladstone Hotel at 9:30pm. Other highlights of the festival which runs from today till the Thursday 25th are:


Saturday, Oct. 20
11:30pm - Bloor Cinema

What happens when gas costs $32/gallon? Someone figures out it would be cheaper to use blood and you can just imagine the hijinx that ensue.


Monday, Oct. 22
9:45pm - Bloor Cinema

Good old-fashioned horror by director David Arquette, and starring Paul Reubens (that's enough reason to see it right there - those two are nuts). A hippie music festival in the middle of nowhere gets interrupted by a mysterious hatchet-wielding mass murderer. Somehow I feel like I've seen this one before so here's hoping Arquette, Reubens and company don't let us down.


Tuesday, Oct. 23
10:15pm - Bloor Cinema

Judging by the trailer this Thai horror film looks really really creepy. Remember the twins in The Shining, well imagine they were conjoined and one of the twins was dead. This film looks stylish and disturbing and I can't wait to see it.


Wednesday, Oct. 24
7:00pm - Bloor Cinema

Another classic horror film premise: a group of students go camping and encounter some back-woods creepiness. We have already established that twins can be scary as hell - well how about Crispin Glover playing psycho killer twins. A must see, trust Crispin Glover to bring the creepiness.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival schedule

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