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Review: Buddha, Volume 1: Kapilavastu

Buddha, Volume 1: Kapilavastu

by Osamu Tezuka

Just finished reading the first book in Osamu Tezuka series called Buddha. The Buddha series of graphic novels retells the origins of Buddha and his life. I highly recommend this book - I almost read the entire thing in one sitting and I can't wait to get into the second book. The book follows the intermingling storylines of Chapra a slave who goes against the caste system, Tatta a pariah with special gifts, and Naradata a monk searching for answers. Each character is distinct, complex and likable. Tezuki captivates by switching from one character's adventures to another, leaving us hanging on to find out more. The language is modern, which seems strange, but works since the focus is on action. Tezuki also takes the time to explain historical concepts - like deadly locust swarms - that might be foreign to some readers. He leaves no one behind and it is clear to see why he is renowned for his storytelling. I have always been meaning to read about Buddha so this is an excellent introduction. I highly recommend it even if you are not a fan of graphic novels.

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